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We provide one-off intervention in your premises or at the launch site of your boats.

menuiserie nautique


Survey of dimensions, shapes, and creation of templates

Based on your specifications, your technical constraints and the specifics of your equipment, we can handle the design and drawing parts.

We adapt to your working methods and the file formats you use.

We provide you with a record file either with annotated photos in soft format, or in 2D or pdf format.

The templates can be made in the material of your choice (wood panel, plexiglass, polyane film, etc.).



Upon your instructions or your customers ones, we study and propose solutions to personalize the boat.

Design, manufacture and installation of the proposed solutions, independently with customers or in coordination with the yard, according to your wishes.


Installation of specific or technical equipment

We install your bimini, your teak slats, accessories ... according to the manufacturer's instructions in accordance with your quality requirements.

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